Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Rush Hour

The fine people at MacSurfer were kind enought to link to my site today after I shared my recent post with their weekend editors. First, I wanted to say thanks to the MacSurfer team!

Second, I wanted to say that MacSurfer gets an amazing amount of traffic! I myself have been a loyal reader for years, and I certainly hear it mentioned in other circles fairly often, but I had no idea just how successful they've become. Since the link was posted early this afternoon, my site has received over 1,100 hits entirely from MacSurfer, over 100 every single hour. I shouldn't be suprised to discover that thousands of mac users are scanning headlines on Sunday afternoons just as I tend to do, but I am certainly impressed.

I can only imagine how much traffic they receive after each keynote, but we're about to find out!