Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


On Valentine's Day weekend, Lori and I spent a lot of time talking about schedules, priorities, and the dreaded word, busy. We are both so obsessive about getting things done that we can struggle with pausing and relaxing. We decided we needed to make some changes in our weekend priorities. Sometimes it is easier to prioritize your professional life than your personal life.

The next day, we sat down to watch Rob Bell's session at C3. In his conversation with Ed, he talked about how his family uses Saturday as their sabbath. This is his family's time to truly relax; a time to play Lego's with his kids until they just don't want to play anymore. A time when the cell phone is off and he is as unreachable as a senior pastor can be. Then he brought it all home: "You know, my kids don't care how big my church is, they just want to know when their dad is going to be home."


The next morning, we visited our new Plano campus and sat down to hear an entire message focused on, what else, the sabbath! As if God was unsure whether we had heard His message yet, we listened to Ed talk about the rhythm of life; six and one, six and one, six one. He spoke about how critical a true day of rest is to each of us personally and as a family - no errands, no work, disconnected from technology, and just enjoying family and friends and His wonderful creation.

So, we have decided to make Sunday a true sabbath. We are going to attend church in the morning and serve during the second service (we were previously Saturday night attendees, which was wonderful, but complicates the sabbath idea as Saturdays are filled with scheduled activities and the momentum of the week just passed).

When we get home on Sunday, we are focusing entirely on our family and relaxation. I know this seems impossible, but our Sundays will actually have no computers, no television, and no cell phones. Last weekend was our first experiment and it was heavenly. We read, played games, went for a walk, and did fun family projects. Ben loved having our undivided attention. When the day ended, we were refreshed and ready for a new week.

I have no illusions of how challenging this will be, but I can't wait to see what God is going to do.