Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Scoble Invitation

With Robert Scoble visiting Dallas, I sent him an email today inviting him to visit Fellowship Church while he's in town. First, we offer free, public wireless in our bookstore and cafe, The Source. Second, we're a very interesting Microsoft story.

Fellowship is a large non-profit organization that has implemented numerous Microsoft technologies, many utilizing custom development. We have a high-traffic website built on .NET, C#, and SQL Server. We were also an early site for Microsoft's RMS (Retail Management System) in our retail area talking to Great Plains for our financial backend, and, of course, full Exchange and AD. We have also custom built an enterprise-level church management system, including full browser-based portal and touch-screen Windows app, now offered to other churches through a new company, Fellowship Technologies.

It would be a pleasure to show him around and give Microsoft a view of how their technologies are used within a unique non-profit.