Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Scoble is moving on

TechCrunch broke the news yesterday (live at LeWeb3) that Robert Scoble is leaving PodTech in January. Here's Scoble's post on his next move.

This is great news as it looks like his audience and influence is only going to grow. I wish him and his family all the best!

He's considering two options right now. The most likely one is with Fast Company, where he already has a column and could quickly push that magazine into online video, featuring interviews with entrepreneurs in and out of the tech world. He's not ready to talk about his other option, yet.

But I am.

I really shouldn't reveal top secret information. I mean, Scoble's a friend of mine, but let's be honest, it's pretty obvious. Scoble said he won't announce his decision until January 15th. Now, what happens in early January that would affect his decision? Well, there does happen to be a presidential election going on.

Don't you see it? Scoble has been offered the role of New Media Spokesman for the John Edwards campaign. A position similar to press secretary, but completely focused on getting the average person involved in the campaign, through blogging, podcasting, video, Twitter, etc...

Scoble covered the Edwards' campaign launch last year, shares the senator's general political philosophy, and has praised him many times for his openness and tech-focus. If Edwards surprises in Iowa on January 3rd and then does well in New Hampshire, he will be a serious frontrunner for the nomination and Scoble jumps on board. If not, Edwards will likely drop out of the race and Scoble joins Fast Company.

Scoble even drops a hint at the end of his post - he'll be attending the World Economic Forum in late January, the place to be for the politically plugged-in.

So, watch the election returns next month and you'll have a good idea of whether Scoble is heading to Fast Company, or about to jump into presidential politics.

Note: this is pure speculation. I'm not a just-the-facts, check-your-sources reporter like the people at Valleywag.