Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Scoble Link

Scoble was kind of enough to mention my invitation on his blog this morning, leading to my first, admittedly small, experience with increased traffic. Thanks, Robert.

After I showed my son the 82 hits in the last couple of hours, he keeps saying, "I can't believe you're famous!" Ben also enjoyed hearing that Scoble works for Microsoft (he uses Microsoft products more than any other 8-year old I know and is anxious to learn to program).

I really like Robert. He is immensely fair to Microsoft critics, admits his companies shortcomings easily, and does a better job of promoting Microsoft products than any advertising I have seen.

For the record, I was not so presumptious as to invite him to a service, though we'd love to have him. I only hoped to have him visit our campus to get a interesting perspective on how Microsoft is impacting the 5th largest church in the country, appealing to his role as a product evangelist and leaving all other evangelism aside. Of course, it would also be a pleasure to meet him. Unfortunately, we have not yet started to play with Longhorn!

The invitation is always open. Robert, you have my cell if I can be of any service during your visit.