Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Scoble on Feeds

Scoble just finished a massive fall cleaning of his blog subscriptions. He deleted hundreds of sites from his blogroll and in the process published some interesting thoughts about blogs and RSS.

1. People don't unsubscribe from dead feeds. I have seen this on a number of sites. It's strange to see a blog that said goodbye months ago yet still has hundreds of subscribers. It makes me wonder how inflated subscriber numbers are even on active blogs. My guess? Much more inflated than we'd care to admit. Are people actually reading or have they just never taken the time to unsubscribe?

2. Full-text feeds will make you a better person. That's a slight paraphrase, but let's just say that if you're going to set your content free and empower your users, don't stop half way.

3. RSS subscriptions are about who, not how many. This is the post you don't want to miss. The next time someone questions the value of blogs, share this with them. It's all about what audience you are trying to reach. Scoble tells the story of how ineffective some forms of traditional media can be. Are you chasing a microscopic sliver of a massive, largely uninterested audience?

Why not invest your time and energy in connecting your organization with the people who want nothing more than to hear your story and then share it with others?

Blogs are exponential evangelism.