Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Scoble on Fellowship Church

Robert Scoble from Microsoft visited Fellowship Church this afternoon, flew all the way to the west coast, and was still able to write a first-rate essay on how and why we use technology before the end of the day: Ten evangelism and IT lessons from one of America's biggest churches.

If I could personally end the debate about whether weblogs are a form of journalism, I would do so with Scoble's essay. I'm amazed at how much he captured from our 90 minutes together. What he wrote perfectly reflects the essense of what we discussed and then organizes and analyzes it from a unique perspective, drawing out lessons applicable to any organization. No wonder Microsoft hired him.

The simple fact that someone who had never even heard of Fellowship Church two days ago and has no vested interest in its mission or vision could capture our story better than professional journalists, or even we ourselves, have captured it, is inspiring.