Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


Almost a year ago, I took three days off of work, sat down at my dining table with my laptop, and worked my way through a terrific book, Agile and Iterative Development. My goal was to find a better way to manage the software development process. The book led me to scrum, a relatively recent addition to the list of agile methods, such as extreme programming.

The scrum approach captivated me and for the first time I could see the entire development process clearly. Within two weeks, my web team was off and running with scrum (it is fairly easy to implement new processes when old processes didn't exist). We still use bits and pieces of scrum, and the parts we've implement have been very helpful (particularly the daily scrum), but I'm afraid our current version would be frowned upon by any self-respecting ScrumMaster.

My goal is to fully implement scrum within our team as I find it to be an extremely effective methodology for allowing small teams to accomplish great things. As such, I've been exploring some new scrum resources, all of which have a lot to offer the aspiring ScrumMaster. Check these out, and feel free to share any related information or experiences.

First, Chris Flaat covers his use of scrum with his team at Microsoft (quick overview of posts). Second, Darrell Norton gathers a number of excellent scrum posts from Conchango.