Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Site Building

Some Notes on the Building of CodeZoo by O'Reilly's Marc Hedlund.

CodeZoo is a new site by O'Reilly that allows you to easily access free code (currently Java) for your development projects. Marc is one of the three developers on the project and he writes about many of the lessons he learned. Here are some highlights:

1. Let your developers choose their platform, buy make sure someone is testing the most common user platforms throughtout development.

2. Provide examples for users if they haven't used a feature, such as rating a product or accessing a download.

3. Reduce the number of choices a user faces whenever possible. "Reducing choices makes the site more useful, not less."

4. Small teams rule. "I'm beginning to think three people is optimal for a 1.0 product release."

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