Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Slick WSJ Deal

Don't worry, I won't be turning this site into a poor man's Slick Deals. I just had to pass along a Wall Street Journal offer I came across. I love the paper, but it's quite an expense. A year subscription (now 6 days a week, by the way) is typically $210 a year, or $0.70 a day.

Since I've never been willing to swallow that expense, I stop by the online version consistently and decided to see if they were offering a special holiday rate. I was shocked to see an actual, honest-to-goodness WSJ sale! You can get a full year subscription (plus the standard 4-free weeks) for $99! A total of 56 weeks at $0.32 per day.

Here's the subscription page.

I know most of you couldn't be less interested, but I bet there's a few that just found one more Christmas present to put under the tree. By the way, there's no indication of how long the offer lasts.

If you love excellent writing, news, politics, business, investing, and provocative editorials, you can't go wrong. Unfortunately, they also rate $1000 picnic baskets and only review cars over $40K, but that's a small price to pay. Especially now :)