Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Small improvements

Repeat A small surprise greeted me this morning in Backpack - the calendar now supports recurring events! I love the Backpack calendar and use it for everything. Since the focus is on simplicity and not trying to replace the complexity of Outlook, there was really only one missing piece - the ability to schedule a recurring event. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and regularly scheduled meetings, tt's there now and is a great addition.

Another small Backpack inconvenience has been solved in a different way. I often post code and command line examples in my notes and Writeboards. The syntax causes confusion because symbols like asterisks are style cues (such as bold) in the markup tool Backpack uses. As you try to hack around this confusion, it starts to seem like another tool would be simpler.

First, I finally discoverd <code>ls -l *.flv</code> — by placing all code snippets within those tags, your content will stay clean and look great. A simple solution.

Second, I installed the Firefox extention Basecode [via 37signals Product Blog]. This handy and free plug-in provides a toolbar you can use within Basecamp, Backpack, and Writeboard to easily format text. It works great without getting in the way.

One final improvement, this one involving TypePad. The blogging tool now has a much-improved stats page, which is both better looking and more flexible. It looks and acts very much like Measure Map's stat views (which is a compliment). You can also download your entire stat history as a CSV file for whatever obsessive manipulation and analysis you feel is necessary.