Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Somebody Shout Amen!

There are blogging churches and blogging pastors, but precious few blogging preachers. If you haven't experienced a blogging preacher, you might as well start with the best.

Perry Noble of New Spring Community Church.

I'm not talking about publishing last week's sermon transcript. I'm talking about the real deal - passion, humor, personality, humility, and Truth delivered in a I-couldn't-stop-reading-this-if-I-tried way.

Check out this post: Date Night.

Some men I see on date night are pathetic...they have their cell phone, blackberry, their PDA--they don't look like a husband--they look like Batman!!! Quit playing the super hero role, leave the office and spend time with your wife.

And that's just the beginning. Perry spoke at Fellowship Church a year ago and we can't say enough about him and his awesome church.

You can't read his blog without getting a true sense of his heart, his energy, and his church. His blog is a terrific example of what can happen when a pastor puts it all out there in an open and honest way.