Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Student of the Year

recital02Today was Bennett's first official piano recital. He has been taking lessons since October and has done very well. So much so that he has really learned to enjoy it. The fact that his teacher, Miss Lynn, is so kind and appropriately motivational, helps quite a bit as well.

Ben played two songs, Boogie Woogie Goose and Vince Guaraldi's Baseball Theme. recital01The wonderful surprise came after he was finished, when Miss Lynn announced that she chose Ben as the Student of the Year! What a great treat for all of us! She said it was because of the great progress he had made in his first year, his desire to play Guaraldi's songs (including the family favorite, Linus & Lucy) even though second year students usually have trouble with them, and the fact that when she starts to assign him next week's work, he often mentions that he's already been practicing a couple songs of ahead.

recital03 Needless to say, Lori and I were so proud!

His performance was also only two hours after his baseball game, making for a particularly busy Saturday afternoon. The game was worth it, thought, as they won their final regular season game and finished with a record of 9-2. For the first time, this season actually includes playoffs, so next week they have the potential to play for the league championship. Ben can't help but impress because he's surpassed me in so many ways already. I never once played in a recital nor did I ever play organized sports, only the backyard variety.