Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Summer is here

Today was the official start of summer in our house, otherwise known as Ben's last day of school! This is always a fun day, but this one was particularly special as it was his last day of elementary school. Twelve weeks from now he will be a 6th grader in a wonderful middle school just a few hundred feet from his current school and still within walking distance of our house. He's very excited and definitely ready for new challenges (we all are, in fact).

Ben spent his first six school years in the same school, which was a fantastic experience. In fact, he had three of his teachers for the entire time and the relationships he developed are truly special.

The day included an awards ceremony and a final walk through the school for the 5th graders, cheered like conquering heroes - no formality or pretension, just a lot of smiles and congratulations.

Lori and I are blessed with a truly amazing boy. I don't think any parents could have it easier than we do. With Ben rapidly approaching life as a teenager, we can't wait to see what fun, surprises, and, of course, challenges lie ahead.

Our tradition is to see a movie on the last day of school and this year it was Shrek the Third, which was a great time, but my least favorite of the three. We have a few more treats in store over our long weekend together.

Lori shared some thoughts on our big day as well.