Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Survey says?

Sometime between his birthday in September and Christmas, it looks like Ben will finally be getting his first game system. He has always loved everything computer-related, but this year is the first time he has become way into video games. Our iMac has kept him relatively satisfied through Lego Star Wars and Star Wars Battlefront, but he has reached the point where waiting 6-12 months for a game to (possibly) come out for the Mac is just not going to cut it. Unfortunately, the iMac is a G5, so the Windows dual-boot option is not possible.

We are in the unique position of being completely open to any of the new machines: Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's Playstation 3, and Nintendo's Wii.

This is where you come in. We would love to know which machine you recommend and why. Despite the fact the two of the machines are months away from being released, Ben has managed to research them extensively. We're still not sure which way to go, though.

To give you an idea of our two-person target market, Ben is about to turn 11 and loves games like the two mentioned above, as well as Backyard Baseball and other good, clean fun games. Battlefront is his first of the older, more violent types, and it passed primarily because of the Star Wars familiarity and science fiction feel. I'm not planning to go much further down that path for a couple of years.

I, on the other hand, love sports games, primarily baseball and soccer (something completely missing from the Mac). The ability for the machine to serve as a DVD player as well is a plus. We do not currently have an HD television. Online gaming is, right now, of little interest.

Our biggest hesitations right now are...

Playstation 3 - price, BlueRay question marks
Xbox 360 - it will already be a year old
Wii - possible lack of big name games and series
I know many of you have strong opinions about gaming systems (Scoble? Evan?), so let's here them! Make your case for the best choice and why, and Ben and I will both be very grateful. Thanks!