Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

SXSW Day Four

The fourth and final day was a short one, with just two morning sessions: Web Design 2010 and Flash Video Superhighlights.

The first session featured four very smart web designers attempting to predict the future of design. Unfortunately, the session became focused on specific technologies and tools and a series of Yes/No predictions on their long-term viability. (Quick, XHTML 2.0? Will it be around in 5 years?) I was hoping for a discussion about the latest cutting-edge design approaches and methodologies and where design is headed, rather than which W3C spec will be adopted.

The Flash session was more focused and useful, with good examples of current design and a preview of coming Flash advances. Terry posted a great overview of the session.

After lunch, we headed back to Dallas. This year's conference was substantially better than 2004: better speakers, more depth, more people, more application, and a better hotel! My two desperate please for next year: please add simple stages so we can actually see the speakers after the third row, and please invest in better microphones/sound in all the rooms.

I took an absolutely pitiful number of pictures, but here are the four that turned out.

Austin Apple Store

Malcolm Gladwell signing books

Gladwell again

Scoble blogging