Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Tanned, Rested and Ready

Good news! The PowerBook has returned from two weeks of spa treatments, massages, and facials at the exclusive Apple Resort & Day Spa. It appears to be much better for the experience, with few signs of the stress that caused the breakdown just weeks ago.

I received the call yesterday evening and picked up the laptop today. Besides the lengthy stay and rather high price, they did a good job and were able to preserve nearly all of my data. The only folder that was corrupted was my application settings, which didn't seem like a big deal until I realized that it included my NetNewsWire subscriptions, perfected Vim settings, and browser bookmarks. I'm nevertheless very thankful that everything else is present and accounted for. Special thanks to Howie for being there from start to finish.

As if to celebrate, Apple released a brand-new mouse today - the Mighty Mouse! This is the first Apple mouse to support multiple buttons and scrolling, a missing product for way too long. As Jason at 37Signals pointed out, it appears particularly elegant in that a child or new user can use the simplest of its features without additional confusion, but advanced users can take advantage of the power. Of course, every person has unique mouse needs, so I will have to experience one in person to know how well Apple has succeeded.

They have already succeeded in one way - Apple knows how to make products fun. Would you rather have a Mighty Mouse or an Optical IntelliMouse Explorer with Scroll Wheel? Life's too short. Why not have products, services, and environments that make you smile?