Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Technology and Theology: Redux

Robert Scoble's visit to Fellowship has been revisited, this time on Monday Morning Insight. Each time Scoble's article is discussed, it provokes a great deal of heated debate and this time is no exception. The comments in this case are well worth reading, including ones by Scoble and Terry Storch. What is a bit different about this case is that it's an argument between the already convinced. I think most outsiders would be surprised to discover how much fun churches have criticizing other churches.

I've found over my brief four years in ministry that every church and church leader must battle against one thing constantly - arrogance! Most churches are clear on two things: the inerrant truth of scripture and, a close second, the inerrant method of presenting it. No matter where a church falls (large/small, city/suburban, cutting edge/traditional) you'll find those who feel they have little, if anything, to learn from another church. And at the same time, will effortlessly offer unsolicited criticism of fellow servants and their work.

As I told Scoble in a brief exchange, he has proven to be more gracious and open-minded than many of us on our best days.