Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The $40 PDA

I went to Office Depot a week ago looking for a new notebook and left with a sleek new way to be organized. After being trained to simply get what I came for in all shopping experiences, I accidentally browsed and found myself buying things I had no intention of purchasing.

All of the notes I take and to-do lists I create in the physical world are temporary. I jot things down, add them to Outlook/Entourage or Backpack later, and then tear out the page and throw it away. So this means I have no need for a high-quality, permanent notebook, just something decent and cheap.

Many of you are familiar with the Hipster PDA phenomenon, which essentially replaces complicated, expensive, battery-swallowing PDA's and SmartPhones with, well, 3x5 index cards. I have always been intrigued by this, since technology isn't the answer to every problem, but had trouble picturing how it would work in the real world.

Until last week that is, when I came across a wonderful thing called The FranklinCovey Leather Index Card Holder. It not only has space to hold 10 index cards, but room for a small pen. What's really great (I didn't even see this until Ben pointed it out to me) is that it functions as a wallet as well. There's room for a driver's license, 3 credit cards, a couple of business cards and cash. All of this for $15 in a package only slightly taller than the typical wallet.

I picked up one of the Fisher space pens because I'd heard good things about them and knew it would fit. Now, I have the ability to take notes anywhere on easily replaceable, cheap index cards and I've replaced my wallet as well. So far, it's been the best solution I've ever had.

The $40 PDA

Fisher Space Pen ($20)

FranklinCovey Leather Index Card Holder/Wallet ($15)

500 Index Cards ($3) (look for the 3x5 graph paper cards)

Of course, Lori could do a post about the $0 PDA, as she basically handmade her own day planner, but men have to spend some money in order to feel like they saved money.

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