Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The 49% Story

Michael Barone on the election and the new Republican majority, The 51 Percent Nation. For a revealing look at the data, see this comparison of the 2000 and 2004 election.

I have trouble understanding how people can talk as if voters in blue states find it impossible to understand the bizarre, ignorant, fundamentalist, racist, and homophobic voters in the red states. Take a look at Bush's totals in the states he lost to Kerry.

39% - Rhode Island, Vermont
40% - New York
44% - California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland
45% - Hawaii, Illinois, Maine
46% - New Jersey, Washington
47% - Oregon
48% - Michigan, Minnesota
49% - New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

The conventional wisdom is that the people in California, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are dumbfounded that the strange people of Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and the rest of flyover country would cast a vote for Bush. Do they think the same way about their own neighbors? If the people of middle America are out-of-touch, evangelical, 1950 McCarthyites, what are 49% of voters in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin? The 48% of progressive people in Michigan and Minnesota?