Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The All-New CreativePastors

Early on Friday morning, the new version of went live! CreativePastors is the Ed Young resource site for pastors and church leaders, featuring sermon transcripts, books, message and service development tools, MP3s, conference, and a lot more.

The site is driven by many of the same design and development principles that have guided the three previous sites we've released in the last 14 months - standards-based and CSS-driven using PHP, PostgreSQL, and Linux. All of our websites now share identical platforms (code, servers, hosting), which will be a huge help as we move forward.

Here's a quick overview of some of the improvements and changes...

  1. Brand-new look built around the new logo
  2. Greatly improved navigation to make things much easier to find
  3. Better product search
  4. Integrating blog and podcast content into the front page
  5. One page checkout
  6. Find everything related to a message series on a single page
  7. Add a product to your cart without leaving the page
  8. One page account management, including downloads and order history
  9. Unbelievably smaller and faster pages
  10. Related products

As any web person knows all to well, this is just the start. This is one of the few projects I've worked on where the post-launch list is longer than the pre-launch list. The CreativePastors team is one of the most, well, creative groups I've been around and there are many great ideas on their way. My thanks to them and my team for all the time and effort it took to make this happen.

Checkout the new!