Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The best album you don't own

My favorite album of the past six months is Haughty Melodic by Mike Doughty.

I came cross Mike through Scoble, who linked to Fred Wilson's blog, A VC, back in December. Fred was going through his Top 10 Records of 2005 and when I read Number 7, I was curious enough to give it a try.

This is easily the best new music I have heard in years. I have listened to the album constantly over the last few months, so much so that it's the unofficial soundtrack to the book. Every track is terrific, filled with Mike's outstanding voice and introspective, often moving, lyrics.

Let me know your enormity and my tininess and
Help me see your infinity and my finite-ness

The album is by no means a Christian one, but it tackles big questions with passion and sincerity.

I can be the air you drink
Every single thought you think
I can be the right notion in the meantime
Warm you like the sunshine
Stand in the light. Stand in the light. Stand in the light.

Fred has been an excellent source for new music ideas, and an inspiration as well. At a certain point, it's easy to think that all the good music has already been made and the only new music worth listening to is by the safe and familiar. That couldn't be more wrong. This album is proof.