Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The Blogging Church Journey

Terry and I want to thank all of you who have been a huge part of the Blogging Church journey which began 15 months ago - through interviews, questions, feedback, comments, and encouragement. Now that the book release is just two months away (we received confirmation that pre-orders will ship on January 12), it's time for the next phase on this long, strange trip!

Bookjourney_1Two weeks ago, we received copies of the book galleys, or "Advance Uncorrected Proof" as they like to call it. The galleys are the last step before the release - you actually get to see the book as it will be in the final version. When the book is a hardcover, the galleys are substantially different, but since The Blogging Church is an affordable paperback, the galleys are very close to the real deal.

It was a thrill to hold the book at last. It's a great size and weight - it begs to be thrown in a bag for a long flight or a trip to the coffee shop. With its wide margins, it just looks like a book to be used - marked up, highlighted, and a few Post-It notes dangling from the pages.

The index isn't there yet, the last round of edits haven't been incorporated, and some of the design is still being finalized, but it's a real book at last!

And it's a book on the move - we're sending the book on a journey across the country! We've chosen one of our favorite bloggers to kick this off. On Monday, he'll receive the galleys, read as much as he likes, sign it, take a photo with the book and post it, then send it on to the blogger of his choice. Of course, we'll track the book's progress right here.

We had to start the journey right here in Texas. Here's the first picture - me, Terry, and the book!