Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The Book

Yes, the news is official. Terry Storch and I are writing a book together on blogging in the church! What an incredible thrill. I have dreamed of writing a book since I was in elementary school. The fact that I get to share the project with Terry and write on the two topics I am most passionate about, blogging and the local church, makes this even more special.

If you haven't listened to the podcast, which I highly recommend, you may be wondering how this all came to be. Believe it or not, the story begins when I invited Robert Scoble to visit Fellowship Church 18 months ago. His visit and follow-up post had a huge impact on me, personally and professionally. In the past year, we've crossed paths numerous times, both online and off, eventually leading to me being interviewed for his book with Shel Israel, Naked Conversations.

The day after the interview was posted online, I was contacted by the acquisitions editor that landed Scoble and Shel, Jim Minatel, who was interested in doing a book on church blogging. I thought it was a great idea and pulled in Terry for his mad skills and pastor's perspective.

We spent almost a month on the book proposal which moved through the Wiley system until it was officially approved in early August. Since then, we've been finalizing contracts and laying the groundwork for what we hope will be a terrific book, filled with vision and application, the why and how of blogging in the church.