Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The book visits Ben

The book made a stop at the home of Ben Arment, talented blogger and pastor of History Church in Virginia. I'm a big fan of Ben for three reasons. First, he shares the name of the greatest 11-year old in the world. Second, he loves U2 as much as I do. And third, he's a political junkie of the "Journeys with George was good, but The War Room will always be my favorite"-type.

Ben actually is one of the contributors to the book, so you never know how that might cloud someone's judgment. Here's an excerpt of what he had to say [emphasis entirely his own]:

I literally read this book in one hour. I've never read a book that fast in my life, but it was really well written and covered the scope of blogging without dragging. I'm a bit beyond the blogging primers, which are in abundance at bookstores, so it was nice to read one that didn't walk me through setting up a Typepad account.

Brian knows his stuff, and it was great to read about his connections with some of the top tech bloggers in the nation. [Brian is an extremely likeable guy on his blog; someone I'd love to have dinner with.] Innovators in the church world are drawing the attention of innovators in the marketplace. This book documents it.

I'm glad the book is an easy read and all, but the thought that I took a year to write what someone read in an hour is a little disconcerting :)

Ben goes on to make a great point that the book could have been called "The Blogging Pastor" since there are very few successful church or team blogs. He's right about that - the best blogs are almost always the voice of a single person. This is a good time to mention that my preferred title was Blogging Church, without "The". I liked how "blogging" could serve as both an adjective and a verb in that phrase, and I especially liked the verb version. The publisher  didn't insist on much, but they were adamant about the "the". They thought the other way was confusing. In case anyone is interested or is working on a new and improved version of this book, the working title was "The Miracle of Blogging".

Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts, Ben. I'm up for dinner anytime!