Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The Cover

Cover Here at last is the official cover of The Blogging Church! A book cover is much more important, and difficult, than I would have ever imagined. You spend 9-12 months writing thousands of words, yet many people will decide whether to purchase the book based on a quick glance at the front and back - both of which were designed in less than a month by people you've never met. And I'm the same way - a cover can say a lot.

Amazon makes it easy to browse book covers to try to find good examples. I saved the images of 30+ covers, ran them by a couple of top-notch focus groups, and then sent the five favorites to the publisher. The goal was to find something that looked modern and slightly technical, but still somewhat timeless. It was a challenge to find a good compromise - the publisher didn't care for the Nietzsche and Kant book covers I kept sending and no one liked the stock photos of multi-cultural people smiling around a laptop that they provided.

In the end, I like the final result. Something about it is both happy and inspirational to me, but then, it does have my name on it. The true test will be to see it in its physical, rather than digital, form. I hope you enjoy it and can imagine reading it at your local Starbucks with pride!

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