Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The first video journey

The Blogging Church has made its way to Virginia, the home of one my favorite bloggers, church planter Tally Wilgis. Tally not only posted an incredibly generous review and the requisite photo, but took it to the next level by providing the first video review! Major bonus points for Tally. Here's an excerpt:

Brian and Terry run the gammot on tools and tricks as well as providing great insight in how not to use a blog. One of the benefits to this book is that it takes into consideration the end users and their varied levels of experience. I can't say enough about how effective they combine basic information with stories of application, inspiration and any other 'tion' you can think of.

The novice will be given enough information to drown them if they try to absorb it at one sitting. The experienced blogger will gain a new perspective on just how influential their slice of the internet experience could be when used properly.

Check out the full post and video here.

Also, in the process of recording an audio endorsement for the book to be used in a future Leadership Network promotion, Blogging King Mark Batterson had some nice things to say about The Blogging Church. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this as Mark is a very busy man - he writes more in a year (books, articles, posts, sermons) than most of us read!

Just read my advance copy of the blogging church and I loved it. Great combination of practical and inspirational. Highly recommend it for beginning bloggers and blogging veterans!

Thanks, Mark!

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