Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The latest from the trail

» Mitt Romney is on Meet the Press for the full hour tomorrow, the last major candidate to appear before the voting begins. After National Review's endorsement of Romney, the various questions being raised about Huckabees past statements and actions, and the continued decline of support for Mayor Giuliani, Romney still has an opportunity to present himself as the best, most electable, conservative in the race.

» Where Bloomberg Fits in Election from the WSJ.

Those close to Mr. Bloomberg said the 65-year-old billionaire is considering a White House bid, despite his repeated denials. Moreover, friends and advisers said, developments make a candidacy more conceivable.

» The Gospel of Paul by Kimberley Strassel for the WSJ.

If Mr. Paul has shown anything, it's that many conservative voters continue to doubt there's anything "heroic" or "compassionate" in a ballooning government that sucks up their dollars to aid a dysfunctional state.

» Saint Barack of Iowa by Stephen F. Hayes for The Weekly Standard. Excellent look at Obama's campaign and speeches from a conservative viewpoint.

Obama's inexperience is actually the flip-side of a positive quality: He is fresh and voters believe that he is more likely to bring real change to Washington than the other two senators.

» When you hit the top of the polls, the in-depth profiles are never far away. Governor Mike Huckabee is the subject of two lengthly articles this week: The Huckabee Factor from the NYT Magazine and A Pastor's True Calling from Newsweek.

» A couple of friends have asked whether I've chosen a candidate or not, and whether I'd announce my choice here, while others have politely wondered how many more political posts they should expect to read here on Leave It Behind (followed immediately by a sympathetic "not that there's anything wrong with that!" worthy of Seinfeld). More on both of these questions soon!