Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The One Thing

The Blogging Church concludes with a chapter called, The One Thing. It may be my favorite part of the book, which is funny because I wrote less of it than any other chapter.

Here's the premise: I contacted some of my favorite bloggers and asked them to share the one piece of advice they would give another blogger. The result is 16 contributions from a diverse group of bloggers, from the man largely responsible for the blogging revolution to authors to church planters. There are believer and unbelievers, liberals and conservatives, A-Listers and, well, the rest of us.

The responses were as varied as the people themselves. Of course, very few could limit themselves to just one thing, so the contributions are packed with clever ideas and interesting perspectives. And just like the blogosphere, not all of them agree.

Each of these people was incredibly generous to contribute to the book and I can't thank them enough. Check out this list of top-flight bloggers and first-class people, visit their sites, and subscribe for a few weeks if you don't already. I've been reading some of these blogs for more than five years and through them learned most of what I know about blogging, and thankfully, a few other things as well.

1. Guy Kawasaki | subscribe
One-time Macintosh evangelist, author, and start-up guru

2. Kathy Sierra | subscribe
Creating Passionate Users

3. Robert Scoble | subscribe
One-time Microsoft blogger, now with PodTech

4. Dave Winer | subscribe
Scripting News, developer of RSS, blogging and podcasting evangelist

5. Shel Israel | subscribe
Co-author of the corporate blogging book, Naked Conversations

6. David Weinberger | subscribe
Author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto

7. Julie Leung | subscribe
Storyteller and homeschooling mother of three

8. Ben McConnell | subscribe
Co-author of Creating Customer Evangelists

9. Kem Meyer | subscribe
Communications Director of Granger Community Church

10. Gary Lamb | subscribe
Pastor of Ridge Stone Church

11. Jeremy Wright | subscribe
President of b5media

12. Ben Arment | subscribe
Pastor of History Church

13. Merlin Mann | subscribe
43 Folders

14. Josh Williams | subscribe
Firewheel Design

15. Andrew Jones | subscribe

16. Scott Hodge | subscribe
Pastor of Orchard Valley Community Church

I would never want to rank these, but I should state for the record that one contribution was indeed my favorite. When I read Julie Leung's piece for the first time, I immediately knew that it would be the last word and it is. I couldn't imagine a better way to end the book.

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