Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The Switch Goes Live

Three months ago today, I wrote about Fellowship Church's switch from .NET to Open Source for our websites. Today, we release the first result of that transition.

Check out the new!

This site is the online home of Ed's national radio and television ministry. The look is not radically different than the previous version, but behind the scenes, it is literally a brand-new site, incorporating nearly all of the tools I listed here.

1. The site is our first to be hosted with the fine folks at CoLo4Dallas.

2. It uses CSS for nearly every display element. My team became rather obsessive about this.

3. The site is built to fully support web standards, and almost every page's HTML validates 100%.

4. The load times throughout have been reduced by at least half. You could actually enjoy this site on a dial-up connection.

5. It is built to scale from a cell phone to the largest display and to your printer. Yes, we have actually surfed from our cell phones!

6. Of course, the site use open source at its core, including PHP, Apache, Linux, and PostgreSQL.

We still use a site-in-a-box online store, that violates nearly every one of these things, but we hope to find or develop a replacement down the road.

Congratulations to Brad and Jeph who worked very hard to take this site to a whole new level. Each time they faced an opportunity to cut corners they insisted on doing it right. Your commitment to excellence shows!

Take a look around and let us know what you think!