Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

The World in Words

We listened to two audio books on our twelve hour drive today. Lori does a fantastic job of finding stories that all three of us enjoy.

The Daydreamer was first. This was a fun, British book on a boy who has so much more going on in his head that you would imagine looking at him. In one chapter, he switches bodies with the family cat for a day, a common topic of discussion in our house. It was a good book to start with, fairly light and short.

We only listened to the first two chapters of our second book, but we are already loving it. Inkheart is about a man and his daughter, and the mysterious adventure they share. The father is a "Book Doctor", or binder, who has shared his book obsession with his daughter. There have already been a number of great lines dedicated to their shared love of books, but my favorite so far is this:

Books have to be heavy because the whole world's inside them.

Each of them pack 10-12 books whenever they go on a trip, something I can relate to having just packed and unpacked a vehicle full of them. If you share our unrestrained glee upon returning from the library with armfuls of books, you understand.