Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Three questions

1. When did blog become a noun describing a single blog post? More and more, I've heard people refer to a "blog they wrote" or ask "did you see that blog of Scoble's yesterday?" They're not referring to the blog itself, but to a single post. Interesting.

Of course, I still think blogs should be called weblogs - I loved that word (may it rest in peace).

2. If you're making scrambled eggs and toast, and you have in front of you a bowl of scrambled eggs, 2-3 slices of bread, and a skillet, is there any good reason not to turn that combination into french toast? Besides the fact that syrup would now be involved, I certainly couldn't think of one. In fact, why would someone consume eggs any other way?

3. Do you realize that the phrase upper deck has been removed from the world of baseball? I was shopping for some baseball tickets to coincide with our summer vacation and discovered that in the modern world, there is the upper terrace and the upper box, but no upper deck.

Wouldn't that be a great home run call? Wow! Bonds just hit one deep into the upper terrace!