Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Three Times the Fun

The Bailey's spent much of the 4th of July weekend enjoying an assortment of movies. Here's my take.

Matchstick Men

Lori and I both loved this movie. It was unique throughout, avoided cliched plot twists, and left us perplexed until the very end. Nicholas Cage gives a great performance.

Cheaper By the Dozen

This was much better than I thought it would be. All three of us loved it. Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt were both terrific. Even though it's primary purpose was laughter, the movie managed to make a few well-placed points about family priorities. This was definitely a case where the previews failed to capture the film.


Seeing Garfield involved a fun trip to the theatre with Ben and one of his friends. The highlight was hearing the two of them giggle throughout. Even though Roger Ebert loved it, I still was surprised at how enjoyable it was. There were a couple of forced parts, by Bill Murray is so much fun to listen to as a cat that it's easy to ignore them.