Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Tiger Tales

The Wall Street Journal (Tiger Leaps Out Front) and New York Times (From Apple, A Tiger to Put in Your Mac) on tomorrow's release of Apple's OS X Tiger. Some quotes:

"Overall, Tiger is the best and most advanced personal computer operating system on the market, despite a few drawbacks. It leaves Windows XP in the dust." [WSJ]

"This [Spotlight] isn't just a fast Find command. It's an enhancement that's so deep, convenient and powerful, it threatens to reduce the 20-year-old Mac/Windows system of nested folders to irrelevance."

"Tiger is the classiest version of Mac OS X ever and, by many measures, the most secure, stable and satisfying consumer operating system prowling the earth."

And if you need something to fill the time between now and 6:00pm Friday, check out our fun tips for Tiger headline writers.