Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Tomorrow, Apple launches this year's World Wide Developers Conference with a much-anticipated keynote by Steve Jobs (Apple does an excellent job of making every keynote much-anticipated). During the keynote and conference, Apple will unveil the next version of OS X, named Tiger. Though I'm as thoroughly stoked as the typical macintosh groupie, my real concern lies with the hundreds of editors who will have to provide pithy, cliche-ridden titles featuring the word Tiger only moments after the keynote ends. So, I thought I'd offer a little help.

Top 10 Tiger List

1. Apple's Tiger Roars
2. Will this Tiger Bite?
3. Apple Set to Release New Tiger into the Wild
4. Apple's Tiger Looks Good, Lacks Bite
5. Is Tiger Just Panther with a Shiny New Coat?
6. Apple Lets Tiger Out of the Bag
7. For a Tiger, Apple's New OS Purrs Like a Kitten
8. Jobs Announces Apple's Latest Cat
9. Can Apple Tame This Tiger?
10. Tiger Escapes from the WWDC Zoo

and, of course, a bonus

11. This Tiger Burns Brightly

All of these are hereby released into the public domain! On Monday, I'll post some of the actual headlines.