Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

TiVo Goodness

We love TiVo at the Bailey household. We've had it for nearly two years and consider it indispensable. In fact, whenever we go on a trip, we always ask Ben what he misses most about home. His answer is the same every time - our cat, Mango, smoothies, and TiVo (to clarify, Mango is the name of the cat and not the flavor of smoothie). Actually, we might not have TiVo if we didn't have Ben. I really think people with children benefit more than anyone else. Ben never flips channels or watches commercials, which greatly reduces the amount of junk he sees. We can also record shows like Leave it to Beaver or Green Acres that are on at odd hours of the day or night. He never just watches what happens to be on tv at the time.

The point of this post, however, was to celebrate one more incredible thing about TiVo. While we were in Austin (we got back tonight), I read about a show I wanted to record. I vaguely remembered that there was a way to schedule TiVo through a web browser, but I had never done it. I visited, logged into my account, and within 5 minutes had set TiVo to record two shows that I had forgotten about. When we got home, the shows were waiting for us as if we had programmed the box from our couch.

That is just so cool (not awesome Chris, just cool).