Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Tools of the Trade

Our transition to open source is going very well. We expect to launch our first site on the new platform next week and then continue the work on the others. Of course, we chose our first site due to its size and simplicity, so the real challenges are still in front of us.

Throughout the process, we've settled on a number of different tools to solve our specific needs. I thought others my enjoy a list of what we've come up with so far. Feel free to share your experiences with any of these or make the case for your personal favorite.

Open Source Tools of Choice

Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Database: PostgreSQL 8

Language: PHP 5

Web Server: Apache 2.0

Hardware: Dell (PowerEdge SC1425)

Hosting: CoLo4Dallas

Weblogs: Serendipity

Chats: PHPOpenChat

Forums: phpBB

Web Stats: AWStats

E-Commerce: Zen Cart (custom-patched for PostgreSQL)

PHP Editor: Quanta Gold

Calendar Widget: The DHTML/JavaScript Calendar

Editor Widget: FCKeditor

Photo Album Widget: SimpleViewer