Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Top 24 for 04

Todd Sattersten at the A Penny For site has started a great end-of-year project, highlighting the previous year's top 24 posts. A number of sites have submitted their lists and he has gathered them together in one place for all to see. I decided to browse through the past nine months (I started in April) and choose the 24 posts that I thought were most interesting, original, or noteworthy. If you have come across this site recently, you may find a few worthwhile reads below. Enjoy!

Channel 9 Guy Goes to Church > Microsoft's own Channel 9 Guy spends the day at Fellowship and I document the visit in words and pictures.

Five Things I've Learned from Scoble >Microsoft's lead evangelist visits Fellowship Church.

Thoughts on the Service > What does it mean when Fellowship Church holds two Christmas Eve services at the American Airlines Center?

Technology Volunteers in the Church > How can the church utilize technology volunteers in a way that challenges them and benefits the ministry?

Lessons from Blockbuster > The good and bad sides of a corporate giant.

Building a Mo' Better Blog > Tips on taking your blog to the next level.

12 Days of Blogging > Sing along at home!

All About Me > As Admiral Stockdale once said, Who am I? Why am I here?

Classic Seinfeld Moment That Never Happened >P.J. O'Rourke signs my book and I, unfortunately, open my mouth.

Embarrassment of Riches > Is knowledge just an Excel spreadsheet of word associations?

Risk and Reward > A conversation about the heart and soul of a mega-church.

The Magical Mystery of the Mega-Church > How does the method relate to the message?

Revisionist History > Why it is hard to trust a product review.

Defining Basketball Down > Reflections on the Detroit Pistons/Indiana Pacers fight in November.

What if Political Science Majors Wrote Pop Songs? > Have you ever read the lyrics to an R.E.M. song?

Can't Buy What I Want Because It's Free > What does it really mean to be an evangelist?

Apple Field Redux > Corporate sponsorship comes to your local home of public education.

Live Review of Kerry's Speech > John Kerry's acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention.

You Know Where I Stand (PDF) > Commentary on the 2004 Republican Convention in New York

The Confusion or Debt and Deficits > What is the national debt and why should we care?

The presidential and vice-presidential debates of Election 04:

Debate I: I Regret to Say

Debate II: The First Time I Ever Met You and More Comments

Debate III: Midnight in America

Debate IV: War Room Redux