Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Twitter and The Blogging Church

The Blogging Church was released two years ago. As you would expect, technology has continued to push online communication in new and fascinating ways. Blogging is no longer the novelty it once was. If you were to tell someone that your church or pastor has a blog, the response would likely be a shrug of the shoulders. That's a good thing, though. It's great to see that blogging has truly become common. There's now a built-in expectation that blogs will be part of how most churches communicate with (and, hopefully, listen to) their communities.

Churches have moved quickly from blogging to podcasting, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. They've gone from offering a MP3 download of the weekend sermon to video streaming to internet campuses. The pace of change and innovation in this area is incredible and it's refreshing to see the church increasingly being a technology innovator instead of imitator.

What isn't incredible or surprising is that the church and technology leaders who were featured in The Blogging Church continue to push the envelope online. If you want to be part of the conversation about what's next, Twitter is the place to be. If you're not part of Twitter yet, you can create a free account in about 30 seconds. It's a fantastic way to connect with others without the pressure of a 500 word blog post.

Here's a list of the Twitter accounts of the many awesome people in the book (you can find me at As expected, they are a wildly diverse and interesting crowd. You can't go wrong with following any of these. Plus, they will quickly introduce you to many other terrific people. Enjoy!

Me @bb and Terry Storch @terrystorch

Brad Abare @bradabare

Ben Arment @benarment

Mark Batterson @markbatterson

Mark Driscoll @pastormark

Kevin D. Hendricks @kevindhendricks

Scott Hodge @scotthodge

Shel Israel @shelisrael > Shel is writing a new book on Twitter called Twitterville

Andrew Jones @tallskinnykiwi

Guy Kawasaki @guykawasaki

Gary Lamb @garylamb

Julie Leung @julieleung

Merlin Mann @hotdogsladies

Ben McConnell @benmcconnell

Kem Meyer @kemmeyer

Tony Morgan @tonymorganlive

Perry Noble @perrynoble

Robert Scoble @scobleizer

Kathy Sierra @kathysierra

Greg Surratt @gregsurratt

David Weinberger @dweinberger

Josh Williams @jw

Dave Winer @davewiner

Jeremy Wright @jeremywright