Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Two new TypePad features

TypePad, the blogging service that powers this blog, has rolled out a couple of helpful features recently. First, you can now make the editing window where you type your posts as large as you want it to be. Previously, you could choose between two sizes, but it was difficult to work with a really long post. Now, simply click "Bigger" a few times and you're all set. Since we're never really satisfied, I wonder if it would be a good idea to remember your window size for the next post? Or would that be one of those features that seems helpful, but is actually annoying?

By the way, TypePad now warns you if you try to leave the post page without saving it, which is very handy.

The second and more important feature is the ability to create custom standalone pages. Now, if you want to have an About page, list your 10 favorite books or create a special contact page, you can do it easily from within TypePad. You get to name the page yourself (all are .html) and provide all the content and HTML you like. The site automatically incorporates your normal header, design, and other content. Then you can link to it as you like. There's even the ability to make a page the default page for your entire site, if you'd like to introduce yourself or your organization to your visitors before they reach the blog.

I still think TypePad is the best overall blogging platform, the perfect mix of simplicity and power. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, though, visit which is also a terrific service and is free for most uses.