Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Two things for kids

Here are two fun things I've been enjoying lately with Ben. First is our favorite magazine, National Geographic Kids. Kids love to get mail and a magazine is a simple, fun gift that (as every magazine ad inevitably points out) keeps on giving throughout the year. We tried a few different magazines without any success before Ben received this one from his aunt.

What can I say, it's just packed with fun and very entertaining. He really looks forward to it ever month and reads the whole thing from cover to cover within the first two days. It is perfect for anyone between 8 - 12. It has a perfect mix of science, animals, humor, games, and pop culture. There are a few ads, which some may find objectionable, but they aren't a substantial part of it. I would highly recommend it for your own child or as a gift. Presents get very difficult at this age.

The second thing is just a television show, but it's one I had no idea existed until two weeks ago - Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering. It was actually quite funny. I haven't flipped channels in months thanks to TiVo, but when I did recently, I came across this show within 15 seconds. Who knows what other quality television I'm missing!

I seriously doubt that the show is meant for kids, but Ben and I have had a ball watching it. The show basically spends an hour showing a massive, modern day engineering project (bridge building, football stadium, and the like). We've already discovered that there are two editions of the show. The recent episodes are much better. They feature a very entertaining host who does a great job of learning along with us. They also have some incredibly well done visual explanations of key elements. The size and scope of these projects is overwhelming. Frankly, building a website seems like finishing all of the games and puzzles on a restaurant placemat in comparison. If you have a very curious child (10+) or just like these sort of things yourself, it's worth a look.