Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

TypePad Times Ten!

Six Apart has released a number of outstanding improvements to TypePad, the best and easiest to use weblog service. If you are still searching for a great weblog tool, it is time to try TypePad.

TypePad now supports rich text editing, which basically means that writing a post is very much like composing an email or Word document. No longer are you forced to view the underlying HTML as you type, instead all effects are displayed perfectly in front of you, including font styles, color, images, and links.

In addition to the above, and nearly as important, TypePad now offers built-in spell checking! Writers of the world, rejoice!

The only limitations I have found are that support for the Safari browser is missing, you can't add words to a personal dictionary, a word count enhancement would be helpful, and the spell check insists that TypePad is misspelled.

Be sure to read the entire feature list as I have only touched the surface. Thank you, Six Apart!