Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

TypePad Update

Quick follow-up on my post on TypePad performance problems. First, a TypePad employee was kind enough to comment on the post, asking for patience and apologizing for the problems. Much appreciated!

Second, Mena Trott posted a response from Ben on her blog. Ben walks us through the problems and how they have developed over the past month. It's a familiar technology tale - a datacenter move accompanied by new hardware to keep up with fast-paced growth. Unexpected problems arise that suddenly snowball in completely non-sensical ways. You know you're in the middle of one of these trials when you start using phrases like, "We've never had a problem with that server" or "Why would that fail now?"

Ben admits they should have been more public about the problems and provided details and updates sooner. Technology people are so passionate about solving problems, and so optimistic about a solution being within reach, that it's very hard to stop to communicate during what seems like a never-ending emergency. Having been in similar situations (not in scale, of course), they have my sympathy.

I hope they continue to make progress and start providing ongoing updates and behind-the-scenes details. The more information you provide, the more your customers feel like it's a shared struggle, offering assistance and cheering your victories. It's a lesson even a company built on blogs has to learn.