Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

U.S. vs Mexico

On a Wednesday night in April, Lori, Ben and I traveled to the Cotton Bowl in downtown Dallas for a soccer match. Nearly a year earlier, Ben and I took a trip to Houston and saw the U.S. Men's National Team against Mexico in the brand new Reliant Stadium. That was an incredible experience, in fact, the most enjoyable sporting event I have ever been to.

When I learned of the rematch in Dallas, I jumped at the chance to go and Lori decided to come along to experience some of what I described.

The U.S. won the match 1-0 on a goal with 30 seconds left, in fact 30 seconds after we had stepped foot out of the stadium! We were able to TiVO the goal, however, and have committed it to memory in such a way that we will eventually do a great job of convincing everyone that we were, in fact, there for the victorius moment.

We had a terrific time. The crowd was as fun and enthusiastic as in Houston. The simple truth is there is nothing in sports quite like an international soccer match.

This photo album gives a little taste of the experience.