Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Under the Lights

Ben had an evening baseball game tonight, under the lights at his incredible local field. He loves the night games as it has the feel of a professional game. His team, the Angels appropriately enough, won big and played very well. Ben had three hits.

What is so wonderful about his team is the coaches, players and families that have been together for nearly three years now. Everyone is so supportive of each member of the team, no matter what their level. If one boy rarely catches pop-ups, but comes close on one, he gets the same rousing ovation as the diving catch made by one of the best players. Similarly, a hit that rolls slowly toward the pitcher for a single is cheered like a triple to the fence. The coaches are patient and helpful, and, almost more importantly, are never negative or raise their voices.

It is so common to hear the horror stories of youth sports: arguments over playing time, angry coaches, overly competitive parents. We are so blessed to be in our version of Little League Heaven.