Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


Ad Can you imagine thinking this is a good idea? Can you imagine being in the meeting where it was decided that you care so little about the people who have stopped by to visit your site, and so much about every bit of loose change you can grab from behind the cushions of the aging couch they're sitting on, that you will sacrifice the entire experience?

The Dallas Morning News recently launched a new website. A prominent piece of the redesign is something they've experimented with in the past, but has now become a consistent element - the nearly full-screen ad, with motion, that is displayed over the majority of the homepage. I don't think I've ever seen a site be more clear about what it thinks about its customers - a collection of anonymous eyeballs who matter only in the monthly web stats total.

Impression: An instance of a pop-up or other web advertisement being seen on computer users' monitors

Impression: An effect, feeling, opinion or image retained as a consequence of experience