Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


It's Friday, so why not spend a few minutes making the world a better place? Today's project is church website graphics.

Church websites are all about getting people involved with and connected to the local church. You'll find these two phrases on many church websites: Connect and Plug In. So far, so good.

Webmasters, designers, and web teams across the country are tasked with the best way to visually represent these concepts. And since most of us are technical people at heart, what do we come up with?

Cords and plugs.

Yes, if many of us were honest, we would admit that we like to represent the heart and passion of the local church with stuff you can buy at Fry's.

Before you think I'm talking about other churches, check out this page. We didn't even find a good Powerbook image.

And it doesn't take long to find other examples.

Tracy Barnes, one of our great pastors here at FC, was the first to open my eyes to this. He thought that electronic equipment might not be the best way to represent relationships and life change. I, on the other hand, thought it looked cool. I know better now. What do these graphics say to a single mother or someone looking to be part of a community?

Web teams have to resist the temptation to design sites and graphics that appeal primarily to people like us.

So, by the end of Monday, I promise to replace our technology equipment action shots with something a bit more warm and inviting. Anyone else want to help make the web a better place? Post your comments and any links you have to other examples.