Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


Early tomorrow, I'm leaving to spend a week in Colorado with my beautiful bride to celebrate our 15th anniversary! I first started researching this vacation in November as it was largely a surprise. You wouldn't believe how many destinations were in the mix. I think I finally found the perfect location for us and a fantastic place to stay. I've been revealing bits and pieces of the plan to Lori over the last two weeks.

I won't be posting this week, but there will be a few updates here and there - just visit I've been using twitter for months and really love it. For something so incredibly simple (140 character updates on what you're doing), it still takes awhile to get a feel for it.

Everybody uses it differently, including presidential candidates. I love it for updates, brief thoughts, and quick links. You can also send and receive updates through your phone. If you don't want to visit my twitter page to see the latest, you can always view them right on my blog homepage through a handy new TypePad/Twitter widget. More on twitter in a future post.

If you haven't tried it, create a free account and add me as a friend. Experiment with it for awhile - there are some cool things being built around it. If you already twitter regularly, post your address in the comments.

Have a great week!