Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Warning: Geek Crossing Ahead

Writing this series on COFFEE development has been very fun. I have received a lot of great feedback and interesting questions, which I hope to incorporate into the remaining installments. However, sometimes a more in-depth answer is required - one that is of extreme interest to a small number of people, but of only passing interest to others.

Well, now there is a place for the true geeks among us.

Leave It Behind > Code

This is a home for people who actually do web development, as opposed to those of us who just think about it.

My last post was on the O in COFFEE development, which stands for Open. In it, I wrote:

When you share your own contribution, you play a valuable role in leaving something behind for the next team who wants to grow software.

This new site is our place to answer questions, share knowledge, and share code. I use the word our because it will be a collaborative effort of the Fellowship Church Web Team. I use the word  collaborative to mask the fact that I won't be contributing anything of value other than spell check.

The first post is on how we solved the missing geocoding piece in the Google API for our recent site release. We'll post some code samples shortly.

If anyone would like to share any code or web development solutions, let me know. Whenever there's a post on the new blog I'll link to it from here.