Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

We're stuck in Flow Mo and we can't move

You know your sleepy suburban town has arrived when you have your own rap video: Flow Mo. We've lived in Flower Mound, Texas for nearly twelve years and watched in grow from 30,000 people to a thriving metropolis of 60,000. Located just north of DFW Airport, halfway between Dallas and Ft. Worth, Flower Mound is an awesome place to live and raise a family. The schools are excellent, the Starbucks are plentiful, and everyone is very friendly.

Of course, it probably looks very different if you're a teenager. "We've got nothing to do. We're stuck in Flow Mo and we can't move." I think it's a rite of passage to be bored with your hometown when you're in high school - I know I was. Check out this hilarious and incredibly well done video - these are some talented (admittedly white) guys and girls. As a bonus, you get a fun tour of Flow Mo :)